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León, Lucio. Lucio León was created by Arthur O. Friel (Job Briggs, Dugan (II), Roderick McKay, Pedro & Lourenço, Sixto Scott, Wallace Sparhawk) and appeared in three stories in Adventure (U.S.) from 1923 to 1926, beginning with “Black White” (Adventure (U.S.), Sept 20, 1923).

Lucio León is a native Venezuelan who makes his living bringing balata rubber down from the Alto Orinoco. He also ventures into the unknown mountains of Guayana [sic] and the jungles of the Rio Negro, where he encounters all manner of strangeness.

Have you already heard of Loco León—Mad Lion? No? My name is Lucio León. But because I roam in wild places where these townsmen dare not go and see things which they do not believe, they have changed Lucio to Loco. I do not care. The laughter of fools is harmless.

Ah, si, I am a Spaniard. You at first thought me an American like yourselves, perhaps, because I am blond? It is a compliment. True, it is odd to find a yellow-haired and blue-eyed Spaniard on this Rio Orinoco…I am the only blond Venezolano on all the long Orinoco.

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