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Lemurian Documents. The Lemurian Documents were created by J. Lewis Burtt and appeared in six short stories in Amazing Stories in 1932, beginning with “Pygmalion” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1932).

The Lemurian Documents are a packet of papers from a chest which was found floating in the Pacific. They are accounts of the ancient civilization of Mur, a.k.a. Lemuria, and explain that many of the ancient myths took place, but were the result of Lemurian SCIENCE! rather than magic. These myths include the Pygmalion myth (the biologist Vaag-Mel-On almost creates an artificial woman), the myth of Perseus (Par-Su of the Lemurian air navy uses a disintegrator beam on the Gorgons of the rival Mingan Empire), and the myths of Prometheus and Pandora (the scientist Pro-Mak-Tnu travels to the sun to get matter for atomic energy, and his sister-in-law Pandora accidentally uses Pro-Mak-Tnu’s information to create an atomic explosion, destroying Lemuria).

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