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Leikhveis. Leikhveis was created by the Russian author V.A. Reder and appeared in Peshchera Leikhteisa ili Trinadtstat’ let Liubvi i Vernosti pod Zemleiu #1-74 (1909-1910).

Leikhveis is a Wanted Man. He is a minor nobleman in Wiesbaden in the 18th century. He rescues his bride, the lovely Countess Lora von Bergen, from an awful arranged marriage. For this he is falsely charged with a crime, hounded out of court circles, and forced to live as a renegade, hunted by his enemies and by the Army. He wants to go to America but is unable to and finally turns to banditry, becoming a Robin Hood figure, helping the poor, oppressed, and women and keeping his enemies from discovering his underground headquarters.

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