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Lee, Terry. Terry Lee was created by Milton Caniff (Dickie Dare) and appeared in the comic strip “Terry and the Pirates” (1934-1973), the film serial Terry and the Pirates (1940), and the radio serial Terry and the Pirates (1941-1948). For fifteen years “Terry and the Pirates” was the greatest adventure comic strip in print.

Terry Lee is a blond American boy whose grandfather left him a map of an abandoned mine in China, and Lee goes to China to find the mine and make his fortune. While there he meets Pat Ryan, a pipe-smoking, two-fisted adventurer, and the two become best friends. They have a classic series of adventures across China, where they take on everyone from pirates to evil bandits to the Japanese invaders. They also encounter a set of classic Femmes Fatale, from Lai Choi San, the “Dragon Lady,” a Yellow Peril who becomes Pat Ryan’s Loving Enemy, to the Carole Lombard-like Burma.

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