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Le Grange, Rosalie. Rosalie Le Grange was created by Will Irwin and appeared in three stories and story serials in Saturday Evening Post in 1908, beginning with “The Law and Laughing Eyes” (Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 1, 1908).

Rosalie Le Grange is a Con Man. She is a fraudulent medium working in Brooklyn. “Rosalie, plump, cheerful, good-natured, a clairvoyant who prided herself on practicing honest mediumship and taking no graft beyond regular fees.” She is a part of a community of mediums, and she is friends with them, including Professor Haley, who keeps the “Blue Book, that classified directory of sitters and their desired dead, to which all his clients contribute knowledge according to their abilities, and from which they take according to their needs.” When Rosalie’s friend Professor Beach is charged with a murder committed during a séance held by two apparently genuine—but evil—mediums, Rosalie is forced to solve the murder, using all her guile and local knowledge. She works with and manipulates Detective-Sergeant McGee, and thanks to her solving the case, and McGee getting the credit for it, she’s never troubled by the police again.

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