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The Laughing Mask. The Laughing Mask was created by Charles W. Goddard (Celestia, Elaine Dodge, Hidden Hand, Francis Morgan) and George B. Seitz (Elaine Dodge, Pauline Hargrave, Burton Meredith, Phantom (I), Dr. Santro, Pearl Travers) and appeared in the film serial The Iron Claw (1916).

The Laughing Mask is a Costumed Avenger. He is a hooded crime-fighter who battles the wicked Legar, a.k.a. Iron Claw, an arsonist who likes to set fires with his ray gun. Years before Iron Claw had stolen a young girl, Margery, from her father, Enoch Golden, who had once seared the Iron Claw’s face with hot irons and crushed his hand. In the years following Iron Claw taught the girl how to be a criminal. The Laughing Mask succeeds in defeating Iron Claw and saving the girl from a life of crime. The Laughing Mask is eventually revealed to be Enoch himself.

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