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Lady Molly. Lady Molly was created by Baroness Orczy (Man in Grey (II), Old Man in the Corner, Hector Ratichon, Scarlet Pimpernel, Skin O’My Tooth) and appeared in twelve stories in Cassell’s in 1909 and 1910, beginning with “The Ninescore Mystery” (Cassell’s, June 1909); the stories were collected in Lady Molly of Scotland Yard (1910).

Lady Molly is the head of Scotland Yard's Female Department, which is a loosely defined and loosely organized group of women working for Scotland Yard on various assignments. (Lady Molly actually has very little to do with them. She leads from the field, rather than as an administrator). She used to be a simple secretary for the Detective Department, but worked her way up to the head of the Female Department on merit alone. Now she is seen, because of her deductive skill and intellect, as "the greatest authority among them on criminal investigation." But her background is mysterious, and it is only in her final story that her personal history is revealed. She is actually Lady Molly Robertson-Kirk, the daughter of the Earl of Flintshire. She loves Captain Hubert de Mazareen. However, Hubert's grandfather hated Molly's father and threatened to deny Hubert the Mazareen inheritance if he married her. The grandfather then died under mysterious circumstances, and Hubert was jailed for murder, just after he had secretly married Molly. Lady Molly worked her way up through the police ranks while secretly endeavoring to prove her husband's innocence. She finally succeeded.

Lady Molly reports to the Chief, who is taken with her (as is all of Scotland Yard), and is assisted by Mary Granard, her former maid and best friend. Lady Molly is always well-dressed, short, graceful, and well-mannered. Lady Molly is skilled at disguise and play-acting, which is usually how she investigates crimes and solves them.

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