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Lady Ghost. Lady Ghost was created by the Chinese creator Wang Fuqing (Spirit of the Broom) and appeared in the films Nu Sheqinggui (1939) and Xu Nu Sheqinggui (1939).

Lady Ghost is Superhuman Killer Vigilante. A man and his daughter are murdered, leaving the wife and mother to mourn. She vows vengeance, but knows that she cannot achieve it as she is, so she goes to a cemetery of unmarked graves and lies in a coffin for 49 days to achieve the powers of a ghost. This achieved, she uses her new powers to find and kill the man who murdered her daughter and her husband, and then she gives herself up to the police. In the sequel, an adulterous wife and her lover attempt to gaslight the wife’s husband. Her lover even attempts to rape the husband’s daughter (by a previous marriage). To save the husband and daughter, the man’s servant summons Lady Ghost, who promptly kills both the wife and her lover.

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