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Kynnersley, John. John Kynnersley was created by A.C. Fox-Davies (Ashley Tempest) and appeared in thirteen stories which were collected in The Finances of Sir John Kynnersley (1907).

John Kynnersley is a young English aristocrat and club man of honorable family but poor fortune. Thanks to a bad will, a worse business investment, and the poor fortune of his father Kynnersley is broke. But he fortuitously finds a diamond bracelet while helping a socialite into a cab, and Kynnersley uses that necklace to begin rebuilding his fortune (through what can only be described as illegal and unethical means, albeit ones not without a certain poetic justice) while also putting the screws to his enemies. He succeeds, sees to it that Ashley Tempest humiliates a lawyer Kynnersley hates, outwits an anti-Semitic stereotype, and finds love, even swindling the German government out of thousands of pounds in exchange for a fake invention. Kynnersley is wry, resourceful, athletic, good at disguise, and a top amateur boxer.

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