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Kyle, Smooth. Smooth Kyle was created by “Borden Chase,” the pseudonym of Frank Fowler (Broncho Rider Boys, Doctor Broadway), and appeared in a number of stories in Argosy from 1935 to 1940, beginning with “Midnight Taxi” (Argosy, Oct. 12, 1935).

Peter “Smooth” Kyle is from Hell’s Kitchen. He grew up rough and at a young age became a taxi-driver. He had “rolled ‘em hard and rolled ‘em fast–swinging a hack through the midnight streets of Manhattan–taking in the dimes and dollars and taking a chump whenever the opportunity arose.” But that was ten years ago. Now he works for the Feds as a top agent of the U.S. Treasury Department. He is called on to investigate a counterfeiting ring in New York, so he returns to the city and goes undercover as a taxi driver. He is hard-boiled, and is assisted by Glenda, an adventuress.

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