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Kurganov, Professor. Professor Kurganov was created by the Russian author Vsevolod Valiusinskii (Davis) and appeared in the novel Piat’ bessmertnykh (1928).

In the future, the world is divided between a Eurasian socialist state and a capitalist America, at war with each other. Professor Kurganov, the senior research scientist for the Eurasian state, discovers that effective immortality is created by transplanting a part of the medulla into another individual’s brain. Unfortunately, as Kurganov and his six research assistants discover, those who become immortal in this way lose emotional empathy and secondary sexual characteristics and, after a number of years, become Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses. After two hundred years’ work they discover a method for immortality that does not require killing another, but the public revelation of this method leads to their deaths from both socialists and capitalists.

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