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Kurama Tengu. Kurama Tengu was created by the Japanese author Osaragi JirĊ and appeared in story serials, novels, movies and tv shows from 1923 to the present, beginning with “Kurama Tengu” (Poketto, 1923).

Kurama Tengu is a Costumed Avenger. In the middle of the 19th century Kurama Tengu, the “white dragon,” is a samurai who wears a black costume and black mask so that he can investigate crimes and conspiracies and punish wrongdoers without his true identity being known. Kurama is opposed to the Tokugawa Shogunate, which is oppressing the common people, and fights to overthrow it and restore the power of the Emperor. Towards this end Kurama takes on a variety of enemies, such as the special swordsmen, the Shinsengumi. Kurama is the best swordsman in all Japan, however, and he carries two pistols with which he is a crack shot. He is occasionally assisted by others, such as the youthful lion dancer Sugisaku. His common opponent is a “poison woman” Femme Fatale thief who is usually hired to spy on Kurama or kill him.

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