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Kull. Kull was created by Robert E. Howard (Pike Bearfield, El Borak, Conan, Steve Costigan, De Montour, Breckenridge Elkins, Steve Harrison, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, Turlogh O’Brien, Kirby O’Donnell) and appeared in three stories from 1929 to 1930, beginning with “Shadow Kingdom” (Weird Tales, Aug. 1929).

Kull exists in the same world as Conan, but many centuries before him. Kull begins as a headstrong and impulsive barbarian who seizes the throne of Valusia, an empire on the island of Lemuria. He holds the throne for the rest of his life, becoming increasingly introverted and gloomy as he realizes the cost of rulership. Among his enemies are the atavistic serpent-men who existed before humanity and wish to replace Kull and rule the kingdoms of man.

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