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Krag, Asbjørn. Asbjørn Krag was created by "Stein Riverton," the pseudonym of the Norwegian author Sven Elvestad (Knut Gribb, Enevold Rist, Robert Robertson), and appeared in at least fifty-one stories, serials, and seventeen novels from 1904 to 1936, beginning with “Mordet i D-gaten 63" (Ørebladet, 1904).

Asbjørn Krag is a Great Detective. He is a Norwegian detective active in Kristiana (Oslo). Krag begins as an older, experienced policeman who describes his adventures to a younger reporter. Elvestad soon began writing novels about Krag, and in the novels Krag is younger. In the novels Krag is a former policeman who left the force in either 1893 or 1896 to become a consulting detective. Despite this he is very respected by the police, who are always more than happy to provide him with whatever help he needs to crack a case or track down a criminal. Krag, in his "younger" adventures, is middle-aged, around forty years old, gray-haired with a balding forehead, mustached, something of a dandy, given to wearing a pince-nez and possessed of "hypnotizing" eyes. At his best/worst he is "diabolical," both in the depths of his cunning and in his sheer psychological force. He is Watsoned by a local newspaper reporter; Krag’s archenemy is Engineer Barra, an anarchist Mad Scientist inventor. (In a later novel the two work together). In Jernvognen (1909) Elvestad made the narrator the murderer, anticipating Agatha Christie by two decades. Some of the later Krag stories were republications of Knut Gribb stories.

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