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Kingsley, Lord. Lord Kingsley was created by the Danish authors Harry Hansen (Count Basil) and Niels Meyn (Count Basil, Kurt Danner, Gentleman Detective, Lord Lister, John Mac Carty, Mister X, Modern Thief, Robert Sterling) and appeared in Lord Kingsley–Gentlemantyven #1-133 (1925-1927).

Lord Kingsley is a Lupin, modeled on A.J. Raffles, who has a grand old time stealing everything in sight from a variety of locations in Europe and America. He is usually successful at this, despite being pursued by Nat Pinkerton, who can never quite seem to catch Kingsley. In Lord Kingsley #74, “Den Mystiske Lord X,” Lord Kingsley encounters Mister X. Lord Kingsley fights rival Lupins, the Human Beast, female spies, Femmes Fatales (like “the Lady With The Velvet Mask”), the Circus Devil, the Shaman, Lost Race Inca, the Ghost, the Creature from the Congo, Mad Scientists, the Snake Devil, the Tiger King, and a second Jack the Ripper.

Lord Kingsley appears in stories with titles like "The Demonic Woman in the Dark," "The Cannibal Tree," and "The Revolver Virtuoso."

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