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Kid Wolf. Kid Wolf was created by “Ward M. Stevens,” the pseudonym of Paul S. Powers (Johnny Forty-Five, King Kolt, Freckles Malone, Sonny Tabor), and appeared in 121 stories in Wild West Weekly from 1928 to 1943, beginning with “The Gunman of Old Monterey” (Wild West Weekly, Nov. 3, 1928).

Kid Wolf is a wandering adventurer in the American Southwest. He is a Texan, known there as “the soldier of misfortune.” He describes himself this way: “I’m just a soldier of misfortune goin’ through life trying to do all I can fo’ the weak and oppressed” and “Kid to mah friends, Wolf to mah enemies.” He speaks in a labored southern accent with an audible trace of Spanish; his Spanish is flawless. He is young, lithe, slim, and broad-shouldered, and wears fringed buckskin touched with the colors of Mexico and the American Southwest. He rides a white horse named Blizzard who allows only Kid Wolf to touch him. Kid Wolf is a very skilled outdoorsman, especially at basic survival tasks like finding water, discovering game, and following a trail. He carries two six-guns but also has and uses a bowie knife.

On at least one occasion he encounters and captures Sonny Tabor, although on discovering Tabor’s innocence Kid Wolf lets him go. In another story he meets Billy West.

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