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Kerrigan, Peter. Peter Kerrigan was created by Neil Gordon and appeared in Murder in Earl’s Court (1931) and The Shakespeare Murders (1933).

Peter Kerrigan is a Rootless Veteran. Kerrigan was orphaned at nineteen and forced to make his way in the world. Which he did, in a variety of illegal (though not vicious) ways in a number of countries. But when the War broke out, “he drifted naturally into the Intelligence Branch and was the hero of a hundred escapades, creditable and discreditable, on the fringe of Scandinavia nearest to Germany, in Russia, in Siberia, and even as far afield as Caucasia and Persia.” But after the War ends he is without a job and so returns to his old ways, and by the time he is thirty-five he is a very experienced adventurer and rogue, skilled at separating the criminal, the unethical, and when necessary simply the very rich from their money. He is generous and loyal to his friends, knowledgeable in the ways of criminals and police around Europe and the U.K., and extremely clever in planning and executing his scams. He’s also a talented brawler and knife-fighter, and amusing enough company, and honorable enough at the core, to win the love of a noblewoman.

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