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Kelly, Eddie. Eddie Kelly was created by Arthur J. Burks (Professor Barter, Black Falcon, Duff Braden, Jack Brady, Edward D’Strange, Harlan Dyce, The Guillotine, David Haslup, Josh McNab, Dorus Noel, Allan Swain) and appeared in three stories in Clues in 1936, beginning with “Dark Room” (Clues, Apr. 1936).

Eddie Kelly is a Disabled Detective. Eddie Kelly is a boxer who was blinded in a match. “Twelve years ago I had been catapulted out of the welter championship by the hammering fists of Marty Frayne, hurled into the pit of despair—and blindness I had thought to be permanent.” His clever, beautiful wife Maida, a Broadway actress, pushes Eddie to become an amateur detective, at which he proves to be surprisingly successful. Following one case he regains his sight, but at Maida’s advice pretends to still be blind, as a way to give him an advantage over criminals.

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