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Kee-On-Ee. Kee-On-Ee was created by Ruth Ann Baldwin and Henry Macrae (Professor Coxheim, Bob Evans, Jack Lloyd, Phantom Rider) and appeared in the film The Werewolf (1913). The Werewolf may be the first werewolf movie ever filmed.

Kee-On-Ee is a Navajo woman who believes that she has been abandoned by her white husband. He has been killed, but Kee-On-Ee doesn’t know that. Not unreasonably, Kee-On-Ee turns to witchcraft for solace. Kee-On-Ee raises her daughter Watuma to hate all Anglos, and eventually becomes a werewolf so as to better punish the Anglos. Watuma is killed when she is exposed to a cross by a friar, but a century later Watuma returns from the dead in wolf form.

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