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Karney, Hard-Boiled. Hard-Boiled Karney was created by “J. Lane Linklater,” the pseudonym of Alexander William Watkins (Hugo Oakes, Paul C. Pitt), and appeared in six stories in Detective Action Stories in 1931 and 1932, beginning with “Sweet Alibi” (Detective Action Stories, Apr. 1931).

Detective Sergeant Harry “Hard-Boiled” Karney is a big, brutal, truculent policeman who is none too well liked by his fellow policeman, never mind the criminals he apprehends. “Trouble with Karney was that he didn’t seem to have much confidence in the due processes of the law. Not that he took the law into his own hands. No, he merely arranged matters so that these gents he ‘didn’t like’ passed out of the picture in a nicely legal, if somewhat violent, manner.”

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