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Kapen, Genezyp. Genezyp Kapen was created by the Polish author Stanislaw Witkiewicz and appeared in Nienasycenie (1930).

In the distant future the Communist revolution has taken place in Europe, but Russia has returned to its Tsarist roots. Poland is ruled by the brilliant dictator Kocmoluchowicz, who is trying to keep Poland independent and neutral. This is difficult, however, because the Red Chinese, led by the Yellow Peril Murti-Bing, are marching west. They conquer Russia and overwhelm Europe, with the help of the mind-deadening, bliss-inducing pills created by Murti-Bing. Kocmoluchowicz surrenders to the Chinese and is beheaded by them, and Genezyp Kapen, who has been struggling to help his beloved Poland, goes insane.

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