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Kaik, Nesho. Nesho Kaik was created by Edmund Charles Cox (John Carruthers) and appeared in twelve short stories which were collected in The Exploits of Nesho Kaik, Dacoit (1912).

Nesho Kaik is a Gentleman Bandit. He is a dacoit and gang leader, the “scourge of the Deccan,” in the years after the 1857 Revolt. He is a Robin Hood-style thief who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, who love and honor him for it. Although “his nature was craft and deceit,” he is honorable to those who show bravery and honor, and when “Trench Sahib,” the British officer who pursues Kaik, treats Kaik fairly, Kaik responds in similar fashion. Kaik is short but strong, wily, and always dresses in rich fabrics. He is assisted by Balaji, an educated clerk. Trench Sahib and Krishna (who also helped John Carruthers) capture Kaik on several occasions, but each time he escapes to commit further train robberies and piracies.

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