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K-67. K-67 was created by F.H. Martin (Malachi Gunn) and appeared in five stories in Federal Agent in 1937, beginning with “G-Men Die But Once!” (Federal Agent, Mar. 1937). Federal Agent K-67 is Emory Craig, a member of the “Dress Suit Squad” who travel around U.S. on assignments, from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle. Craig has a Past, which his partner, the “huge, red-faced” Gaffney, knows a little about. Gaffney was doing work in China a few years back when he was captured by the Japanese. Craig single-handedly rescued Gaffney, and it is possible that Craig did more undercover work in China. He reluctantly admits to being thought dead in China, which may be a good thing. Now, though, he is a clever and Bellem-esque F.B.I. agent.

Craig was not as tall as Gaffney but his shoulders were wide and his chest deep. He had a lithe way of walking whereas Gaffney’s gait was a heavy sort of shuffle. Craig’s face was lean and the skin browned by exposure to wind and sun. his eyes were clear and blue and had a disconcerting habit of looking right through the man he happened to be talking to at the time. There were a few silver hairs in his close-cropped black hair but the youthfulness of his face and figure belied them.

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