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June, Billy. Billy June was created by Wilbur Hall and appeared in five stories in Adventure (U.S.) in 1916 and 1917, beginning with “Billy June and the Private Document” (Adventure (U.S.), Feb. 1916).

Billy June is a troubleshooter, a man connected throughout South America and who hires himself out to fix messes in the areas “south of the Zone.” June fixes a wide range of messes, from politics to business, from the location of lost explorers to the recovery of official documents to settling strikes. Among his adventures: he’s hired to find a man in the interior jungles of the Serra de Oro region, up the Tocantins River, where the natives hate outsiders and flay them alive, and then give them a five-minute running head start; he’s hired to solve a railroad scam that is driving the workers to riot; and he ends up getting shot in the chest while trying to stop a revolt in one of Brazil’s northern provinces. Billy’s attitude towards the natives is not a kind one, although he’s not a racist. He just feels that they’re either going to “do you bodily disfigurement” or let you go, and that you might as well approach them aggressively to find out which is the case.

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