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Jordan, Marc. Marc Jordan was created by the French author Jules de Gastyne and appeared in Marc Jordan, Exploits Surprenants du Plus Grand Détective Francais #1-64 (1914-1915).

Marc Jordan is a French private detective who may have been modeled on John Siloch. Jordan is quintessentially French in his patriotism, heartiness and gaiety, his verve and elan: "it is with a great humor that he risks his life, solves the most complicated and interesting mysteries." Jordan lives in an elegant hotel in Paris, is a constant smoker, and is an expert at jiu-jitsu. Jordan is assisted by six men, including the engineer and chemist Paul Ferréol and the massive Breton Yves Léonnec. Jordan’s arch-enemy is the Hamilton Cleek-like Superhuman Lupin Comte de Cazalès. Jordan appears in stories with titles like "The island of the sorcerer," "The rain of blood," and "In the hands of the Apaches."

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