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Jones, Salamander. Salamander Jones was created by G.W. Barrington and appeared in four stories in Complete Story Magazine and Short Stories from 1925 to 1927, beginning with “The Law at Dan Butte” (Complete Story Magazine, Apr. 10, 1925).

Salamander Jones is the “battle-scarred marshal” of the frontier town of Dan Butte. His best friend and sidekick is “Warty” White, the “bald, squat moonfaced proprietor of the bar Oasis,” and “Salamander…spent the greater portion of his waking moments in the Oasis, drinking steadily, through moderately.” But Jones is an “easy-tempered man, ready to smile on his fellows” and the citizens of Dan Butte don’t mind Jones’ drinking.

Salamander Jones was a swart, handsome, distinguished looking gentleman, unbelievably bowlegged, superlatively craggy about the forehead, and so cross-eyed that when you saw him looking at something you knew it was somewhere else. The latter characteristic may have detracted somewhat from Salamander’s chances in a beauty contest, but his ability to focus both optics on a common object appeared to be an asset, rather than a handicap, in the administration of his office.

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