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Jenkins, Billy. Billy Jenkins (1885-1954) was a German-born circus rider and animal trainer who worked in his youth as a cowboy in the American West and achieved international fame in the 1920s as a circus performer. Beginning in 1930 he was the hero of several German Celebrity Pulps, including Billy Jenkins #1-4 (1930), Die Abenteuer Des Billy Jenkins #1-264 (1934-1939) and Die Abenteuer Des Billy Jenkins #1-370 (1949-1963).

The fictional Jenkins is a Wanted Man secret agent for the U.S. government. Jenkins is active in the American West, in Alaska, and in Central and South America. He has his very own arch-enemy and is wanted by the law in Arizona for a crime he did not commit. Jenkins also has a Cheyenne sidekick, Hunting Wolf, and a companion wolf named Husky. Jenkins is skilled with both the gun and the lariat. Jenkins’ stories have very Gothic settings--decayed graveyards, abandoned mines, and the like–and involve things like car hijackers, gold thieves, killer plagues and zombies. He fights the KKK, finds the lost treasure of the Inca, finds a living mammoth in Patagonia, fights pirates in the Amazon, and fights a cowboy air pirate. He also finds Lost Race Aztecs in Mexico. On a few occasions he teams up with Hans Stoch-Sarrasani.

In 1939 Billy Jenkins was replaced, at the orders of the German government, with Robert Ramm (see: Robert Ramm).

Jenkins appears in stories with titles like “The Fight With The Grizzly Bear,” “The Devil of the Savannah,” and “The Pirates of the Amazon.”

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