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Jay, George H. George H. Jay was created by Bertram Atkey (Smiler Bunn, Dragour, Easy Street Experts, Prosper Fair, Hobart Honey, Mesmer Milann, Winnie O’Wynn) and appeared in fifteen stories in The Saturday Evening Post from 1920 to 1932, beginning with “Winnie and the Wolves” (The Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 23, 1920).

George H. Jay is a Con Man. George H. Jay, the “Squire of Finch Court,” is a British confidence man and swindler. He is imaginative and persistent, but his schemes never quite pan out. He’s willing to settle for the small swindle rather than for hugely profitable schemes, but even the minor cons never work out for him. He’s intelligent and good-humored, but when he encounters Winnie O’Wynn he always comes out second.

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