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Ishmeddin. Ishmeddin was created by E. Hoffmann Price (Pâwang Ali, Pierre d’Artois, Honest John Carmody, Cliff Cragin, Don Cragston, Saul Epstein, Glenn Farrell, Simon Bolivar Grimes, Glenn Haley, Jim Kane, Matalaa, Average Parker, Dr. Zeng Tse-Lin) and appeared in eight stories in a series of pulps from 1926 to 1934, beginning with "The Dreamer of Atlânaat" (Weird Tales, July, 1926).

Ishmeddin (initially “Ismeddin”) el Idrisi is an Arab scholar who lives on the Persian Gulf but adventures around the Middle East. He describes himself as “Ismeddin the darvish, whom Allah has favored with wisdom beyond that of other men; and I know strange devices wherewith to recoup one’s fortunes.” He is old and clever, and though he sometimes poses as a ragged, dirty beggar this is only a guise. He encounters enemies natural and supernatural, and in various stories meets Pierre d’Artois and Glenn Farrell.

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