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Icthyander. Icthyander was created by the Russian author Aleksandr Beliayev (Dubel, Ell, Hoity-Toity, Kachinskiy, Professor Kern, Professor Wagner) and appeared in Chelovek Amfibiya (1928).

Near Buenos Aires is an isolated laboratory run by Dr. Salvator, a scientist and physician who specializes in organ transplantation. Years ago he implanted sharks’ gills into a young boy, turning him into an amphibian. Icthyander has an idyllic life under the coastal waters, diving for pearls and enjoying the sea and its creatures, but unfortunately his life above the waves is not nearly so nice. He is not capable of surviving out of water for long periods, but he falls in love with a beautiful local girl, Guttierez, and their love affair ends badly.

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