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Huang Zhisheng. Huang Zhisheng was created by the Chinese author Biheguan Zhuren (Conch Island) and appeared in Xin Jiyuan (1908).

In Hungary the long-simmering conflict between Chinese immigrant workers and the white Hungarian population comes to a head over the issue of whether the country should adopt the Western calendar or the Chinese calendar. The European countries, White Perils all, support the white Hungarians, leading the Emperor to seek a military solution to the problem. He turns to Huang Zhisheng, a retired admiral. The Emperor makes Huang the commander in chief of the Chinese forces. A global war follows, with both sides using technologically-advanced instruments and weaponry, including zeppelins, aerostats, submarines, radar, torpedoes and torpedo detectors, amphibious shoes, high-powered telescopes, and bullet-proof and electricity-repelling clothing. The Europeans deploy the “Green Gas,” which temporarily stops the Chinese fleet, and then, when Chinese immigrants seize the Panama Canal and establish republics in Australia and the western half of the United States, the United States enters the war on the side of the Europeans. (The Mongolians have also thrown in with the Europeans). China then allies with the other Asian countries, and Huang Zhisheng leads the combined “yellow” forces against the white. The Chinese “balloon brigade” and “soul-penetrating dust” prove to be unstoppable, and after a series of victories in the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Suez Canal, Huang and the Asian forces destroy the combined white forces in a battle in the Adriatic. The European countries are forced to give territory and money to China, and Hungary is made into a Chinese protectorate.

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