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Hoog, Kay. Kay Hoog was created by the German creator Fritz Lang (Lilith, Dr. Rotwang, Rama Singh) and appeared in the film Die Spinnen (1919).

Kay Hoog is an American sportsman and adventurer who discovers a barnacle-encrusted bottle with a message inside. The message tells of a diamond “head of Buddha” which will grant the possessor “mastery of Asia.” Hoog goes after the diamond but discovers that there is a competing party in search of the diamond: Lio-Sha, a Superhuman Yellow Peril Femme Fatale, criminal mastermind, clairvoyant, and the head of the international Spiders gang. The Spiders have armed, subterranean headquarters everywhere, from San Francisco’s Chinatown to the ruins of an Incan city to London to central Asia to the Falkland Islands, but they are based in Peru. Hoog duels with the Spiders and Lio-Sha across the world, saving various damsels from distress and eventually triumphing.

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