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Hood, Fred. Fred Hood was created by the Spanish author Manuel Gago (Alberto España, Masked Warrior, Carlos Ray, Salto Mortale (II), Spirit of the Forest, Bob Tayler) and appeared in El Pequeño Luchador #1-230 (1945-1951).

Fred Hood is a short blond boy who enforces justice on the western frontier of the United States in the 1880s. He was orphaned at a young age when a group of Apache slaughtered the wagon train in which his family was traveling. Hood grows up to be dangerous and lethal, and is especially happy to kill natives and those, like the soldier Jack, who betray white men to the natives. Hood is assisted by Hector, a former bandit, and by Carolina, a female shootist whose parents were killed by the Apache, and eventually Hood and Carolina fall in love. (At one point she becomes the Costumed Avenger the Fury of the Manitu to avenge her parents’ death).

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