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Holt, Martin. Martin Holt was created by “Octavius Kay,” the pseudonym of Alfred Edgar (Napoleon Berg, Jack Durrant, Iron Hagan, Octavius Kay, Jack Keen, Phantom of Cursitor Fields, Professor Powerby), and appeared in twenty stories and serials in Surprise and Bullseye in 1932 and 1933, beginning with “The Unlucky Millionaire” (Surprise, Mar. 5, 1932).

Martin Holt is a penniless wanderer who quite by accident breaks in upon a meeting of six multi-millionaires. They are all dying and decide to give the new arrival, Holt, all of their money. They are surprised to hear that he intends to do good with the money, since they aren’t particularly nice people. But after they are gone Holt, now the “Man With 100 Millions,” becomes a consulting detective. His stories often verge on the fantastic, and his enemies range from Yellow Perils to robotic “Metal Men” clad in full plate armor. Holt is assisted by page boy Billy Brewer and by Pyefinch, Holt’s legman.

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