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Holloway, Nibs. Nibs Holloway was created by “Edward P. Norris,” the pseudonym of Harold Ward (Doctor Death), and appeared in nine stories in Rapid-Fire Detective Stories, All Detective, and Doctor Death from 1933 to 1935, beginning with “The Death Gambler” (Rapid-Fire Detective Stories, May 1933).

Nibs Holloway is the “front man for a jewelry king,” the personal investigator for a businessman who owns dozens of jewelry stories around country. But Holloway’s employer is killed by Doctor Death, an arch-fiend and master criminal with headquarters in Limehouse. Holloway and his informal partner, police Captain Stark, fight Dr. Death and eventually put paid to him, only to have to fight a second Doctor Death who may or may not be related to or even the same man as the first. Holloway is a hard man who is quick with his gun.

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