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Holland, Virginia. Virginia Holland was created by Thomas Dixon and appeared in the story serial “The Fall of a Nation. A Sequel to the Birth of a Nation” (National Sunday Magazine, 1915-1916). In the near future Virginia Holland is a suffragette and pacifist. She falls in love with John Vassar, an immigrant who is a member of the House of Representatives. Holland’s main ally is Waldron, a financier who agrees with Holland that Vassar’s efforts to strengthen the American army and navy should fail. In Europe, World War One has ended, and the European countries form the World Parliament, which falls apart once the United States refuses to join. Six months later, foreign troops invade the United States, and within a short period “the Imperial Federation of Northern Europe,” which is actually Germany, has taken control of the U.S. Ruling America is Waldron, who is actually Prince Karl von Waldron of Prussia. Virginia Holland and John Vassar are both captured, but Vassar escapes and joins up with the underground while Holland trains an organization of women, the Daughters of Jael, to act as assassins and terrorists. A final uprising comes and the invaders are defeated. Vassar and Holland marry and Vassar’s bill for America’s military is passed.

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