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Holden, Dan. Dan Holden was created by Leon Byrne and appeared in “Society of the Singing Death” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Feb. 1939) and “Marked for the Silent Death” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Mar. 1939). Dan Holden is a Disabled Detective. Originally he was just a member of the idle rich, but he grew bored by it and decided to become a private detective. He has a special loathing for “human leeches, blackmailers who preyed on helpless women and men,” and during one such case he was forced to shoot it out with a confidence man. The con man died, but Holden took a bullet to the head which left him deaf. After recovering Holden learned how to read lips so well that he can fool nearly everyone, even his secretary June Lawrence, into thinking that he still has his hearing. Holden takes on a Hindu death cult which is blowing up the wealthy women of New York City. At the end of the case an explosion restores his hearing. When not on a case Holden is a gentle, kind person.

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