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Higginbottom, Professor Homer. Professor Homer Higginbottom was created by Milton Kaletsky and appeared in “The Ray of Hypnosis” (Amazing Stories, July 1940) and “Homer Higginbottom” (Amazing Stories, June 1941). Professor Homer Higginbottom is an Unlucky Inventor. He is tall, middle-aged, gray-haired, and eager, and always brings his inventions to the police, in the person of Lieutenant Clancy of the N.Y.P.D., to help them catch criminals, but the police only view Higginbottom as a “bug.” His inventions include things like a “hypnoray” gun which hypnotizes those shot by it. (But Higginbottom shoots it into a mirror and hypnotizes himself). Higginbottom later creates a “practical Rain-Maker” which breaks the drought in California but leads to more chaos than it is worth.

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