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Heronhaye, Geoff. Geoff Heronhaye was created by K. and Hesketh Prichard (Don Q, Hayden, November Joe) and appeared in twelve stories in The Popular Magazine in 1906 and 1907, beginning with “How He Earned His Wings” (The Popular Magazine, Oct. 1906). Geoff Heronhaye is tall, strong, quick, clever, and laden with good looks. He is "grave, handsome, imperturbable, and quite unaware of the attention his good looks won him from" women. He does, however, have one flaw, besides his need to build a fortune: his obsession with Miss Gabrielle van Rooven. Ms. van Rooven, a New York socialite of extraordinary beauty, is the subject of a number of portraits, all highly desired and all showing Ms. van Rooven at her best. Heronhaye is so taken with her that he must, he simply must, have every painting in which she appears. So Heronhaye does what he can--soldiering for hire in Central and South America--and buys the portraits when he can. Because he is good at what he does, he earns money; because he spends all of his money on the paintings, the remaining available ones become increasingly scarce and increasingly more expensive. Eventually, despite all the difficulties Heronhaye has with treacherous rebels and government officials, not to mention the patriotic rebels and honorable government officials, he makes his fortune (taking stolen loot from a pack of thieving rebels) and returns to New York, where he settles down with Ms. van Rooven, happy at last.

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