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Hearne. Hearne was created by Joel Martin Nichols, Jr., and appeared in “The Isle of Lost Souls” (Weird Tales, Dec. 1928-Feb. 1929). In the year 2014 the psychiatrist Dr. Trask has discovered a way to psychically travel in time through the use of pills and electricity. His wife is the reincarnation of Tatiana, the only survivor of the slaughter of the Romanoff family. Hearne, a poor but noble young man, is the reincarnation of Saranoff, a Russian officer loyal to Tatiana. Trask is the reincarnation of another Russian officer, Birsk, and Trask wants Birsk to move the lost treasure of the Romanoffs to a safe place so that Trask can grow rich. But historically Birsk was killed in a duel with Saranoff. Trask hires Hearne, ostensibly for a scientific experiment, and then sends himself, Hearne, and Mrs. Trask back in time, to the 1920s. Hearne falls in love with Mrs. Trask. Unfortunately, Trask is a much more powerful psychic than Hearne. But fortunately for Hearne, history cannot be changed, and nearly everyone involved dies the way history said they did. Hearne, though, returns to the future with Mrs. Trask, and in the future they recover the Romanoff jewels.

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