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Hazell, Thorpe. Thorpe Hazell was created by Victor L. Whitechurch (Ivan Koravitch, Godfrey Page) and appeared in ten stories from 1899 to 1912, beginning with “The Affair of the Corridor Express" (Pearson's Weekly, Apr 22 1899); the stories were collected in Thrilling Stories of the Railway (1912). Thorpe Hazell is a railway hobbyist who is also a wealthy amateur investigator. The crimes he investigates usually involve the rails in some way.

A slight, delicate-looking man, with pale face and refined features, light red hair, and dreamy blue eyes. Such is a brief description of Thorpe Hazell, book-collector and railway enthusiast, whose knowledge of book editions and bindings was only equaled by his grasp of railway details. At least two railway companies habitually sought his expert advice in the bewildering task of altering their time tables, while from time to time he was consulted in cases where his special railway knowledge proved of immense service, and his private note-book of such ‘cases’ would have provided much interesting copy to publishers.

Hazell is also a vegetarian and health and exercise fanatic.

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