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Hayden. Hayden was created by Hesketh Prichard (Don Q, Geoff Heronhaye, November Joe) and appeared in six stories in Danger Trail in 1927, beginning with “Hayden and the Holy War” (Danger Trail, Feb. 1927). Hayden is an advance scout for the British Army, active in Northeast Africa. “He was, perhaps, five feet eight, a hundred and sixty pounds or so in weight, bull-necked, bullet-headed—a type of all the hardiest, most enduring stuff our islands send to fight our battles. His face, with its widely-peeked, steel-gray eyes and indomitable molding, was lit by the flaring of our thorn-fed fire.” He has possibly supernatural premonitions about upcoming battles, and with his friend and sidekick Addis runs special missions for the British military brass–blowing bridges to prevent enemy from retreating, that sort of thing.

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