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Hawkeye (I). Hawkeye (I) was created by “Edwin Dale,” the pseudonym of Edward Reginald Home-Gall (Colwyn Dane, Don Sabre, Victor Gaunt, Mad Carew, Jim Mason (II), Rod Mason, Rough-Diamond Rudd, John Silent, Speed-Boat Trackers), and appeared in a number of stories in Triumph in 1931, beginning with “Hawkeye the Avenger!” (Triumph, Apr 4, 1931). Hawkeye (I) is a daring master thief who is bent on carrying out a long-ranging revenge scheme against a number of men who wronged him. Hawkeye, the “super-criminal of the age,” is no Raffles. Hawkeye takes pains to humiliate his enemies before killing them, and before humiliating them tells them that that their reputations will be ruined by Hawkeye after they are dead. Hawkeye is opposed by Fenton Drake, a Great Detective.

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