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Hartley, Hashknife. Hashknife Hartley was created by W.C. Tuttle (Cultus Collins, Henry Conroy, Happy-Hay, Howdy Hepburn, Sad Sontag, Tombstone and Speedy, Warwhoop Wilson) and appeared in seventy-six stories and serials, thirty-three novels and story collections, and a radio show from 1920 to 1991, beginning with “‘Hashknife’–Philanthropist” (Adventure, July 15, 1920). George “Hashknife” Hartley is a wandering cowboy and amateur detective for the Cattleman’s Association. He finds and solves crimes across the American west and southwest, from Mexico to Canada. Hartley is extremely curious and puts his curiosity and his ability at deduction to continual good use; he “had been born with an analytical brain.” Hartley is tall, bony, and usually quiet and deceptive. He is assisted by Dave “Sleepy” Stevens, another wandering cowboy; Sleepy is quick-witted and antagonistic toward the authorities. Neither Hashknife nor Sleepy are particularly skilled with gun or knife. Hartley occasionally encounters Sad Sontag and Cultus Collins.

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