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Harding, Jimmy. Jimmy Harding was created by Edwy Searles Brooks (William Beeke, Sexton Blake, Norman Conquest, Ironsides Cromwell, Clive Derring, Carson Grey, Dixon Hawke, Invisible Speedman, Frank Kingston, Marko the Miracle Man, Falcon Swift, Umlosi, Waldo the Wonder Man) and appeared in eleven stories in Cheer, Boys, Cheer in 1913, beginning with “The First Brush With The Enemy” (Cheer, Boys, Cheer, July 5, 1913). Jimmy Harding is a patriotic British lad who greets the news of compulsory enlistment in the Army with enthusiasm. The Empire, you see, is threatened by an imminent onslaught of “these vermin-like Chinamen.” The Yellow Peril Wang-Hi, “the Chinese Napoleon,” has “fifty million men trained to use modern firearms” and “is sending his hordes out of China like swarms of locusts, and they are overrunning Europe.” Wang-Hi’s forces “have been sweeping across Europe like a vast tidal wave, taking all before them,” and only Great Britain is left to oppose Wang-Hi. Wang-Hi even has zeppelins. Fortunately, British pluck sees through, and the Chinese are defeated.

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