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Harder, Bob. Bob Harder was created by “H. Wayne,” a pseudonym of the Danish author Z. Zinglersen, and the pseudonymous “R. Patrick,” and appeared in Bob Harder #1-56 (1942-1944). Bob Harder is an English police inspector. He is a cheerful young blond man whose adventures take him and his hound King around the world, from war-torn Europe to the floor of the Pacific ocean. Harder fights Yellow Perils (Shih Yu, and Fu Manchu (I) in #24, “The Devil Doctor”), Femmes Fatale, encounters The Shadow (in #13, “The Avenger”), and fights Clubfoot (in #16, “The Man with the Club-Foot”). Harder appears in stories with titles like “The Man They Could Not Kill,” “Twelve Coffins to China,” and “Dead Man’s Eyes.”

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