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Hailey, Dr. Eustace. Dr. Eustace Hailey was created by "Anthony Wynne," the pseudonym of Dr. Robert M. Wilson, and appeared in thirty-six stories and serials and twenty-nine novels and short story collections from 1924 to 1950, beginning with “The Sign of Evil” (Flynn’s, Nov. 29, 1924). Eustace Hailey is “the Harley Street Giant,” a doctor who specializes in psychiatry and mental disorders. But his real joy is in detecting, in solving crime and capturing criminals. His next greatest love is food. Hailey is a large man, of large appetites and enthusiasms. Hailey is "believed to be the fattest man in the medical profession," but this does not incapacitate him; although he usually moves in a sluggish, even lethargic manner, when it is called for he is capable of great speed, and in the more active cases he is vigorous. He is tall, at least 6'6", and has a physical strength that is almost superhuman. He has a "charming," even handsome face, and his eyes are usually "listless and indifferent," but when he is interested in a case, really interested, they glint. When he is sufficiently interested in this manner his attention is wholly focused and he misses nothing; his skills of observation, of deduction and induction, are acute. (He also takes snuff to keep him awake). Hailey relies on inductive reasoning to catch his criminals, and is very successful, whether he is taking on criminal masterminds who use radio-controlled airplanes to attack their enemies or Mad Scientists who use death rays to erase their enemies. Hailey is quite capable with his revolver, which he is called upon to use a surprising amount of time. Hailey is assisted by Inspector Biles, his contact with the law and a personal friend. Biles, a tall, somewhat haggard man with a "severe point of view," was treated by Hailey during his nervous breakdown.

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