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Gubb, Philo. Philo Gubb was created by Ellis Parker Butler (Reverend Bryson Brace, Jabez Bunker, Diogenes, Grayson Greene, Shagbark Jones, Jane Sprood) and appeared in fifty-four short stories and two films from 1909 to 1933, beginning with “Philo Gubb and the Auto Hen” (Sheboygan Daily Press, Sept. 2, 1909); seventeen of the stories were collected in Philo Gubb: Correspondence-School Detective (1918).

Philo Gubb is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and took the Rising Sun Detective Agency’s correspondence course to become a private detective. However, despite Gubb’s modeling himself on Holmes, down to wearing a deerstalker cap and smoking a pipe, Gubb is only a mediocre detective.

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