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Gribb, Knut. Knut Gribb was created by “Kristian F. Biller,” the pseudonym of the Norwegian author Sven Elvestad (Asbjorn Krag, Enevold Rist, Robert Robertson) and has appeared in over a thousand stories and dozens of novels from 1908 to the present, beginning with “Et Mennesketyveri” (Lys og Skygge, Oct. 9, 1908).

Knut Gribb is a Great Detective. Gribb was in large part responsible for starting the detective fiction craze in Norway. He was originally intended to be a less morally suspect and less violent version of Nick Carter (I), and therefore a better role model for young boys. However, over time Gribb's personality changed and came closer to Asbjørn Krag’s. Gribb is a former member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency who returned to Norway and set up a private detective agency. After that he joined the Kristiania (Oslo) police force, where his rank is Police Inspector. He is assisted by the handsome Finn Jerven and the plodding Harald Brede, two younger police detectives who occasionally star in their own stories. Gribb’s arch-enemy is the gentleman thief Thomas Ryer, who is initially a dark and dangerous Lupin but becomes more sentimental, if not moral, as time passes. Ryer eventually works with Gribb to stop greater evils. Other recurring villains were the Russian anarchist Evno Azew (loosely based on Evno Azef) and Elias Tønnesen, a thief, escape artist, and burglar loosely modeled on A.J. Raffles. During the 1930s the Knut Gribb stories often were racist and anti-Semitic.

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