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Green, Andy. Andy Green was created by “B.M. Bower,” the pseudonym of Bertha Sinclair-Cowan (Flying U Ranch, Casey Ryan), and appeared in nine stories in The Popular Magazine and Western Story Magazine from 1909 to 1921, beginning with “Ananias Green” (The Popular Magazine, Feb. 1909). Andy Green works for the Happy family of Dry Lake, Chouteau County, in the American west in the years after the Civil War. He is a breaker and tamer of horses, “one of those mild-mannered men whose genius runs to riding horses which object violently to being ridden–one of those lucky fellows who never seem to get their necks broken, however much they may jeopardize them. Moreover, he was that rare genius who can make a ‘pretty ride’ where other broncho riders resemble nothing so much as a scarecrow in a high wind.” Green fights evil as well as violent horses. In at least one story he meets the men of the Flying U Ranch.

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